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Key Features introduced in Version 8.5:

* New default skin by Nick Moritz
* New effect: RNA-160 Compressor/Limiter, a faithful emulation of an outboard legend.
* New effect: Concert Hall, a new algorithmic reverb with a high-quality sound.
* New effect: Analog Phaser, an anlog-modelled six-stage phaser
* New effect: Vintage EQ, tone stack emulation of the legendary ’59 Bassman Amp
* Compressor CV-82, an improved version of the Compressor 8 with additional features
* Sidechain support for VST effects
* Pro-9 extended with the Noise Spread knob, which increases the spaciousness of the Snare and Clap sound in the stereo field
* ASIO Outputs can be freely assigned to individual subgroups in the Master section
* Skinning system completely overhauled, skins are easier to develop and maintain now, most
knobs support alpha-blending and an arbitrary number of frames.
* Toxic 2 synthesizer engine completely overhauled, its performance is now up to 50% higher
than previously. New „Pan Spread“ knob for spreading Unison voices in the stereo field.
* All workspace windows can snap to a user-definable grid, facilitating the window arrangement

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